List of Pakistani Schools In UAE

List of Pakistani Schools in UAE

School Name Emirate/Town   Tel  Level Curriculum Qualifications School Fees Comments
Al Amal English High School  Sharjah  +971-6-5222621  K-10 Pakistan FBISE  AAEHS comments
Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School  Dubai  +971-4-2643848 Pakistan FBISE 2,200-3,650
Al Khaleej International School  Sharjah  +971-6-5660342 Pakistan FBISE
Allama Iqbal School  Dubai  +971-4-3384284 Pakistan FBISE 1,500  AIS comments
City Nursery Dubai  Dubai  closed  nursery Pakistan Montessori  CND comments
Goodwill Children Private School  Abu Dhabi  +971-2-5526781  primary Pakistan  GCPS comments
Islamia English School  Abu Dhabi  +971-2-6417773 Pakistan O-level  IES comments
Islamia Intermediate College  Abu Dhabi  +971-2-6417773 Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC  IIC comments
Modern Pakistani School  Abu Dhabi  closed  primary Pakistan 1,000-2,000  MPS comments
Omer Bin Al Khattab Pakistan School  Ajman  +971-6-7467634 Pakistan FBISE 2,400-5,100  OBAKPS comments
Pakistan Education Academy  Dubai  +971-4-3370126  K-12 Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC 3,740-6,280  PEA comments
Pakistan English School  Dubai  +971-4-3930898 Pakistan FBISE
Pakistan International School Abu Dhabi  Abu Dhabi  +971-2-4487271  K-10 Pakistan
Pakistan Islamia School Al Ain  Al Ain  +971-3-7677878  K-12 Pakistan FBISE SSC 2,540-4,750  PISAA comments
Pakistan Islamia School Fujairah  Fujairah  +971-9-2223130  K-12 Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC 1,250-2,250  PISF comments
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Ajman  Ajman  +971-6-7434374  K-12 Pakistan FBISE 3,100-6,650  PISSA comments
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School RAK  Ras Al Khaimah  +971-7-2281146 Pakistan FBISE 1,150-3,200  PISSR comments
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Sharjah  Sharjah  +971-6-5670700 Pakistan FBISE 3,500-5,750  PISSS comments
Pakistan National High School  Dubai  not found Pakistan
Pakistani Embassy School Dubai  Dubai Pakistan
Sheikh Khalifa Pakistani School  Abu Dhabi  +971-2-4487160  K-12 Pakistan FBISE  SKPS comments
Sheikh Rashid Pakistan School  Dubai  +971-4-2988303  K-12 Pakistan FBISE SSC 2,250-4,450  SRPS comments
The City International School  Dubai  +971-4-2899722  K-12 Pakistan/UK A-level, IGCSE, O-level 11,000-18,000  TCIS comments
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